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LMMT donates remaining funds


LMMT announced today that it has now distributed its remaining funds (to Elephant Family, Cyclists Fighting Cancer and The Turtle Foundation) and will therefore cease to operate as a charity. We’re really proud of the work... READ MORE

LMMT supports the Turtle Foundation


LMMT has today made three separate donations: two to previously supported charities – Elephant Family and Cyclists Fighting Cancer – and a new one toThe Turtle Foundation which is using our funds to create a... READ MORE

LMMT supports Elephant Family


LMMT is delighted to have supported the UK based charity, Elephant Family. Elephant Family exclusively works in partnership with home grown in-country conservation experts on the ground to tackle the challenges facing Asia’s... READ MORE

LMMT supports Kitini College again


LMMT is delighted to have supported the Nepalese charity ChoraChori once again, this time with a grant towards retrofitting Kitini College to prevent further damage to the buildings in future earthquakes. Kitini is... READ MORE