Update: Oct 2015 to Feb 2019

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Having just marked the fourth anniversary of Lucy’s passing, we felt it was time for an update.

In October 2015, a core group of Team LMT cyclists completed the Cent Cols Challenge in the Cevennes region of France and in so doing, became the first ‘Team’ to ride such an event. Everyone who took part in the CCC was in agreement that it was a unique undertaking and a fitting epitaph to Lucy.

It also had another key impact, in that associated sponsorship provided the Lucy Monro Memorial Trust with cornerstone funding. This has been supplemented each year through the subscriptions of Team LMT riders, one-off bequests and other individual fund raising efforts and although modest, LMMT is now firmly established and to date has supported five grass-roots charitable initiatives, detailed in subsequent posts.

The ‘Team LMT’ cycling jersey is an established part of the UAE cycling scene and our community of past and present riders continues to grow, worldwide. If you see us out on the road, please come and say hello!