LMMT supports the Turtle Foundation

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LMMT has today made three separate donations: two to previously supported charities – Elephant Family and Cyclists Fighting Cancer – and a new one toThe Turtle Foundation which is using our funds to create a hatchery on Boa Vista, Cape Verde. They launched a conservation program for the nesting population of the endangered Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta) on the island of Boa Vista in 2008, after more than 1,200 female turtles were killed on the beaches in 2007. During the nesting season between June and October, between 3,000 and 25,000 female sea turtles come to the shore to lay their eggs. During this time, they are exposed to numerous dangers both on land and in the water, as the consumption of turtle meat in Cabo Verde has a centuries-old tradition. After the start of the project with monitoring of a single nesting beach, the activities were continuously expanded over the following years. They currently run five beach camps and their work is supported by a night-vision drone and a conservation dog team: www.turtle-foundation.org/en/program-cape-verde/. In the project on Boa Vista, two fenced beach sections, so-called hatcheries, are built at the beginning of each nesting season. Endangered turtle nests are relocated here by our rangers and volunteers so that the eggs can hatch in peace. The baby turtles hatch after about two months and are escorted into the sea. LMMT’s donation will be used to build the hatchery and purchase equipment and will be dedicated to Lucy.