LMMT supports Kitini College again

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LMMT is delighted to have supported the Nepalese charity ChoraChori once again, this time with a grant towards retrofitting Kitini College to prevent further damage to the buildings in future earthquakes. Kitini is one of the best government schools in Nepal and serves a wide catchment area to the southeast of Kathmandu valley. Many of its alumni are now leading members of Kathmandu society and represented in the various professions. It currently has 600 pupils from preschool up to Grade 10 and a further 550 in grades 11/12 and undergraduate programmes. It enjoys a 100% pass rate in the School Leavers Certificate (SLC) Grade 10 examinations.

However, in spite of its track record, like all government schools Kitini College has been historically under-resourced. Parents still prefer to send their sons to private schools which means that 70% of the pupils are girls. ChoraChori and supporters like LMMT have responded to this gender discrimination by investing in the school towards it becoming just as good as any private school. In 2017 we provided grant funding for a science lab. This enabled the school to teach Chemistry, Physics and Biology to Grade 12 and in 2017 the school made the substantial step of becoming an English medium school.